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Feeling good after washing with Mahokun

Draw Water

Soft and Fragrant


Dredging oil

Way of use

Washing machine:(Following the below table to add Mahokun.)
1.Please add Mahokun into the fabric softener groove.
(If the machine without dedicated groove, please pour into the water before the last wash.)

Low water level
Medium water level
High water level

Hand wash:
1.Wash the clothes.
2.Add Mahokum in clear water.
(According to individual needs.  recommendation ratio=
5mL Mahokun : 3L Water)
3.Soak for 3-5 minutes.
4.Dry directly.


This product protects clothing but has no cleaning function and needs to be combined with laundry ingredients.
This product has no irritation to the skin, but if you feel uncomfortable after use, please stop using it immediately.
Do not eat this product. If it gets into your eyes, rinse it with plenty of water.

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Principle of the product

In the washing process, a functional layer is attached to the surface of the clothes, and the functional layer can exert the functions of moisture wicking, easy decontamination, odor suppression, softness, antistatic, etc., and wash off the dirty functional layer in the next washing process. Attach a new functional layer.

Test Report

  • SGS eight heavy metals are not detected

  • SGS EU REACH 181 Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) not detected


MahokunFabric softenerFunctional laundry detergent
ingredientNonionic surfactantCationic surfactantAnionic surfactant
Draw Water
ExcellentBad(Disable functional clothing)
Remove stainsExcellentBad(Blocking fiber)
Suppress odor

About Mahokun

Always feel sultry when sweating,
The smell of clothing makes people feel depressed.
Any dirt attached to the attachment is troubled? Are all the problems you have had before?
The reason for the problem is that the clothes have lost their functionality!

So we want to make a change,
Give clothes functionality by adding “Mahokun” during the laundry process.
The measured moisture absorption of the clothes can be effectively increased,
At the same time, it has the effects of easy decontamination, odor suppression, soft antistatic, etc.
Could be applied to any material clothing

The product has not been detected by SGS eight heavy metals and REACH 181 hazardous substances.
The impact on environmental hazards is also greatly reduced, consumers can use with confidence

Use Mahokun when washing, so peace of mind after washing,
It is very cheap to wear clothing and it can be worn for a long time.

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